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Green certification mark and We will inform you about the certification system.

Outline of Certification System

Introduction of Certification System Mark

Certification Mark of Environmentally-Friendly Agricultural Products

The new certification logo of environmentally-friendly agricultural products has been simplified for the consumers’ ease of understanding of high-quality and safe agricultural food certified by the state, by using the great-seal shaped green square sign.

※ In order to reduce the chaos and producers’ burden due to the change of certification logo, the existing logo(the existing packing material) is used together with the new logo until the end of 2013.

Certification Mark of Environment-Friendly Agricultural Products

  • 농림축산식품부 유기농(한글표시)

- Organic agricultural products, organic livestock products, organic oo (oo is a general name of agricultural products.)
- Organic cultivation agricultural products, organic cultivation oo or organic livestock ○○

  • 농림축산식품부 무농약(한글표시)

- Pesticide-free agricultural products or pesticide-free ○○
- Pesticide-free cultivation agricultural products or pesticide-free cultivation ○○

  • 농림축산식품부 무항생제(한글표시)

- No-antibiotic livestock products, no-antibiotic ○○ or no-antibiotic farming ○○

  • 저농약농산물(한글표시)

- Low-pesticides agricultural products or low-pesticides ○○
- Low-pesticides cultivation agricultural products or low-pesticides cultivation ○○

- There should be no signs that can cause consumer confusion such as expressions like natural, no-chemical, low-chemical
- In case of agricultural products cultivated by substance dissolved with natural water, without cultivating in soil, facilities, or mediums, they should include additional marks as nutriculture agricultural product or hydroponics agricultural product.
- In case of changes into organic, the back of the sign should show the transition period.

Certification System of Environmentally-Friendly Agricultural Products

  • What is the certification system of environmentally-friendly agricultural products?
    The system in which the safety of environmentally-friendly agricultural products is certified by the government after it is selectively tested by certification institutes based on strict standards.

  • What is an environmentally-friendly agricultural product?
    The agricultural products produced by using no chemicals such as pesticides, chemical fertilizer and feed additives at all or using a minimum amount, in order to protect the environment and also to provide consumers with safer agricultural products.

  • Management of environment-friendly agricultural products
    It includes strict quality tests which monitor whether the certification standards have been obeyed in the process of production and shipment including soil, water, growth, harvest, and also thorough post-management in order not to have certification products that show false marks or do not follow the regulations even regarding the products in the market.

  • Types&standards of environmentally-friendly agricultural products
    The types of environmentally-friendly agricultural products (3 types) – organic/pesticide-free/low-pesticide agricultural product
    * The livestock products get certification based on the new certification standards. – Possible to mark as organic livestock product and no-antibiotic livestock product
Types and standards of eco-friendly agricultural products
Type Standards
Cultivation without using organosynthetic agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer at all(Transition period : Three years for perennial product, Two years for other products)
The organic livestock products should be produced by obeying the certification standards and feeding [organic feeds].
Without using organosynthetic agricultural chemicals at all, chemical fertilizers are used within 1/3 of the recommended amount.
No-antibiotic livestock products are produced by obeying the certification standards and feeding [general fertilizers] that do not contain antibiotics and antimicrobial.
Chemical fertilizers are used within ½ of the recommended amount, and the number of spraying pesticides is less then ½ of the "guidelines on safe use of pesticide".
The period of use is applied by two times of the guidelines on safe use.
- Herbicide should not be used.
- Residual pesticide : Less than ½ of the ‘tolerance limit for pesticide residue of agricultural products’, notified by KFDA